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What’s It Like On A Jupiter Ascending Line?

What’s it like being the embodiment of luck and hyperbole on one of the most interesting Astrocartography lines? My experience was definitely larger than life.

Before I share my personal experiences and insights from my time spent on the Jupiter Ascendant let me go into exactly what that means.

What is the Jupiter Line in Astrocartography?

In Astrocartography, Jupiter lines are lines of influence on the planet Earth. They are areas where your personal natal chart resonates with the world around you and empowers Jovian energy within your life.

The area of life that becomes infused with the planets energy is determined by which Astrocartography line you’re on. For this experience report I happened to be on the Ascendant line.
What is the Ascendant Line in Astrocartography
The Ascendant Line (ASC) in Astrocartography is a line that relates to how you present yourself to the world, your energy, and how you are perceived by others. It also impacts your physical body.

For example if you’re on a Venus Asc line you will look more attractive, lucky, and have an aura of charm and appeal to those around you.

It’s Not Just About The Planet

In Order to fully explain the experience I have to give you some background on my natal chart. As always planets are often connected and my Jupiter has some connections which tinged my experierence on the line.

In addition, it’s important to understand the state of my Jupiter as not all Jupiters are the same, and some Jupiters may behave better than others when elevated to prominence while living on an Astrocartography line.

In my natal chart, Jupiter is in Leo at the end of my 12th house. It also rules my 5th house. It’s a neutral placement so it’s not bad at all. On top of that, it’s in Cancer in Sidereal (exalted) so it’s maybe a little happier.

My moon in Gemini supports it with a sextile. It doesn’t have any other aspects. This Moon connection actually impacted Jupiter’s expression on this trip. Both my Moon and Mars actually got triggered in this region.

My Larger Than Life Experience

Imagine being invited to incredible restaurants, automatically causing people to see you as extraordinary, and even receiving the royal treatment from high-profile individuals.

I spent a total of 3 months in the area and got the full dose of Jupiter ASC. My actual line runs just east of Vancouver, Canada.

The first thing I want to talk about is general overindulgence. While on this line I was constantly being tempted to basically be a glutton. I was there for about 12 weeks, and in that time I was invited to probably 30 high-quality restaurants.

These restaurants were in secluded mountains or overlooking marinas. They were top seafood and top Asian restaurants. Just the best of the best.

It’s important to understand at this point that my Jupiter rules my 5th house and dining out is hugely pleasurable for me. I also ended up getting invited to clubs a few times and being treated to bottle service.

There were lots of good times, good eating, and just having a lot of fun in general.

Others Treated Me Differently

The next major thing I want to talk about is how people perceived me. This is where stuff got really crazy and I could tell Jupiter was taking the reigns.

While in Vancouver I met a man who handled booking and logistics for a major movie production company. I won’t say the name but you’ve seen probably 100 movies by them. He’d be the guy spending the movie’s million dollar budget. He worked personally with many big-name celebrities. I’ll call him Brian, that’s not his real name.

Whatever planetary magic was running, it was running full force. I was mainlining Jupiter.

Brian and I instantly became extremely good friends. What started as just a quick chat between strangers quickly turned into a night of excess drinking and Brian became a super fan of mine. So he grabbed my info so we could do it again sometime.

To describe the relationship would be best bros, platonic, let me take you under my wing and I’ll show you some crazy stuff type vibes.

From there Brian invited me to a bar with bottle service (on him) while we chatted about the ins and outs of running a production company and business negotiation. I was really interested in it and it made him happy. I think he was looking to teach someone who’d listen.

So that alone was really Jupiter ascending thing, a big wig Jupiterian guy teaching me to embody the ins and outs of power.

He also ended up inviting me to an industry party where there were tons of industry workers and a few actors.

The whole time it was like I was being uplifted to their level. That’s the difference between an ascending and descending line. On the ascending, you become more like that planet’s energy, while on a descending line, the people around you embody it.

When I asked Brian what made him take a liking to me, he told me that he could tell I had something. The perfect mix of brains and empathy. He could tell I was going to be someone big someday.

That statement alone blew me away. I was basically a nobody working at a radio station at the time. I wasn’t aware of Astrocartography lines at that point in my life.

Other Aspects Getting Involved

It’s extra interesting because he saw that emotional attunement in me as well, in retrospect that was the Sextile Moon getting dragged into my ascendant and combining with Jupiter’s energy.

My last major experience was actually on the Island west of Vancouver. Now for the most part the chart is very similar, just living the Jupiter life. I’m a little further away. But on the island my Mars actually get’s activated on a secondary line.

My Mars sits in my 10th house and runs my 9th house of higher learning in my natal chart, and on the island, Mars gets in range and begins to trigger my descendant through an aspect.

So how did this manifest in my life?

I met a family friend who happened to be a PGA golfer, and he instantly saw huge potential in me after a free lesson. He wanted to tutor me while I was on the island for free. He said I definitely could get into the competitive scene after some practice and had a gift for the game.

It was just another example of a high-status Jupiter person seeing potential in me and trying to bring it out of me. Could I have become a professional golfer? Seems like a pretty 10th house Mars thing to me.

That was my experience on the Jupiter Ascending line. I spent about 3 months there. It was like a permanent Jupiter transit on my ascendant.

I have no doubt if I stayed there long term, I’d be forced in one way or another to become a Jupiterian person.


Locational Astrologer Of 5 Years.

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