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How to Read an Astrocartography Map As A Beginner

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This guide will get you started on learning how to read an astrocartography map as a beginner. It goes over how to generate an astrocartography map based on your birth date with free tools, what each of the lines mean, and gives a basic understanding of each planet.

First You Need a Map In Order to Learn How to Read an Astrocartography Map

Using Free Tools To Generate An Astrocartography Map

Free tools online are available that you can use to create a personal astrocartography map. We suggest astroclick travel as it provides the most responsive map. It will allow you to see various cities and zoom in and out into areas. Everything is overlaid onto an interactive map.

The Steps are pretty basic.

  1. Go to the AstroClick Travel Map Generator
  2. Sign up and put in your birth information.
  3. When logged in the map will auto-generate at the link above.

When successful you should see a map of the world covered in colorful curved planetary lines.

Understanding An Astrocartography Map

Each of the colorful lines represents a single planet. Mars is the red line for example. The sides of the map show a bit of a legend you can use. There you’ll find planet glyphs and their color. AstroClick shows all modern planets as well as the North Node and Chiron.

Understanding the Lines on An Astrocartography Map

Each planet has 4 lines on these maps and these lines all have various impacts on your life if you are physically close to them. The lines are as follows:

IC Line – The IC line is the Imum Coeli line, which means Bottom of the sky. On this line the planet was at the exact opposite side of the planet. For example along the Sun’s IC line it was exactly solar midnight during the time of your birth.

AC Line – On this map the AC is the ascendant line of a planet. At the time of your birth the planet rose in the sky in areas along this line. Areas along the Sun AC would be experiencing a sunrise at the time of your birth.

MC Line – These lines indicate the locations which had the planet at the midheaven during your birth. The Sun MC line can be considered locations where it was solar noon during your birth. At the Saturn MC, Saturn would be at it’s peak in the sky at those locations.

DC Line – The planets are setting in locations with this line at the time of your birth. Again because the Sun is the best way to describe it; the Sun DC line shows locations where the Sun was setting during your birth.

Zeniths – These are areas along the IC and MC lines in which the planetary power is at its absolute maximum. They are shown as circles on this free tool.

How Do The Lines Affect Your Life?

What you’ve got is a map of powerful places of planetary power. When you are physically near any of the lines you’ll notice that planet’s energy infuses your life experiences there. Your mercury line will include lots of travel, communication and thought provoking experiences. Your Mars will create moments of action, separation, conquest and competition (and conflict).

IC Lines – Your homelife will be most affected by this line. It also handles connecting with your heritage and the house you live in. Benefic planets will improve your home’s harmony, and lead to a life of luxury. Malefic planets can cause conflict and issues with your house.

MC Lines – These are spotlights on your career. You’ll find that what you’re known for takes on planetary energy and themes. Your Sun MC can lead to fame. Jupiter can expand your career.

AC Lines – The physical body and how you present yourself to others is impacted on these lines. You will take on traits of the planetary energy here. On a Mars AC line you may find yourself to be more competitive and active. People will think you look more beautiful on a Venus MC line.

DC Lines – These lines effect the people surrounding you in life. They are also good lines to find partners. You can find women on Venus and Moon DC lines, Men on Sun and Mars Lines. Likewise people will be more confrontational on Mars lines and your social life my dry up on a Saturn DC.

Where To Find Specific Lines On An Astrocartography Map

The easiest lines to find are the MC and IC lines. These lines run vertical from top to bottom on the map. Once you find the color of your planet in the “legend” along the sides of the map, you can use that to find the MC and IC lines for your planet.

To find your planet’s DC line, just look to the East (Right) of your planet’s MC line. Or west (Left) of your planet’s IC line.

For the AC line it’s the opposite, it is the curved line to the left of the MC, and to the Right of the IC line.

You can also zoom around on the map and see the line designation on the sides of the map for the planet.

What Do The Planet’s Lines Do?

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My free book goes heavily in depth into each of the four Astrocartography lines for every planet, including Ceres. This list describes what the planet’s lines do when the planet is in average shape in a chart.

Sun Lines – This area becomes a focus of life. You will find it behaves based on personal opinions. For example if you think your house sucks it will suck on an IC line. Others will also notice anything related to the line more often as if a spotlight has been shined on it, and people will gravitate to you in these areas. All 4 lines are awesome.

Moon Lines – Bring nurturing energy in that aspect as life as well as focuses on the emotions and intuition. Excellent for AC, IC and DC lines. Helps specific careers on the MC (Ones where you nurture, offer emotional support, or utilize artistic creativity).

Mercury Lines – Thought, communication, and persuasion on these lines. Excellent for MC and AC. Tends to make people too unemotional at home in the IC and in day to day life on the DC.

Venus Lines – Luck, enjoyment, luxury and beauty infuses these lines. Excellent for all lines.

Mars Lines – Action, Separation, Conquest, Competition, and Conflict. These lines are very situational. Mars DC is a good line for individuals to find Masculine partners on. Also useful if you are looking to compete in any sense of the word; Athletes, Military, CEOs, etc will find success on AC and MC Lines.

Jupiter Lines – Expansive energy, affluence, higher education. All lines are excellent. Politicians, professors and lawyers will find additional benefits on the MC line. The AC line tends to cause individuals to add weight if they’re not careful. You’ll tend to find rich partners on the DC line.

Saturn Lines – Constrictive, Boundaries, Hard Work. These lines are mostly negative unless you play by Saturn’s rules, which are basically work as hard as possible for 30 years to reap a moderately better reward. Saturn MC is great for studying for your career.

Neptune Lines – Dreams become reality (both the good and bad), spirituality, the unseen, and illusions. These lines tend to almost be malefic, similar to Mars and Saturn lines. If you are pushing for a dream to happen, you can find it on this line. But it’s also got potential to disappear. You can find your soul mate on the Neptune DC line. Actors will find great success on their AC and MC lines.

Pluto Lines – Pluto lines are deep, transformative and intense. They are extremely useful for making large changes and leaving behind aspects of your life. However, staying long term on the line will cause changes to constantly happen. It is overwhelming energy to live with. Pluto DC causes others to become intense about you, including stalking behavior.

Chiron Lines – Wounds and healing are the theme of these lines. Similar to Pluto lines they will allow you to heal trauma and wounds, but also tend to cause them. Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healers will find success on Chiron MC and AC lines.

Node Lines – These lines indicate areas of purpose. They are intense as well. But if you go to these lines you will notice guidance and find personal callings. The most impactful are the MC, AC, and DC lines. On these lines the opposite happens to the other side of the line as you will feel a releasing of old stories. The opposing lines are AC/DC (heh), and MC/IC.

How To Find Parans

In the AstroClick travel map you’ll be able to find parans by clicking on a city. Information about the parans in the area will be displayed in a box. On desktop it will appear to the right. It should appear below the map on a mobile device.

The parans are given a wider orb than I usually use in my readings. So they may not be accurate as they are wider than what I consider to be an effective range and may not actually impact the clicked region.

Paran is short for Paranatellonta. Which is a latitude where planetary energy combines. In this case the planetary energy is pure and will impact all areas of your life. A Venus/Saturn paran will restrict joy, fun, and luck in all aspects of your life and you will find yourself in situations where you feel constrained often.

The free map offers a basic explanation of the energies in the dialogue box next to the map.

Further Reading and Resources

If you would like a much more comprehensive description of the lines for each planet please check out my free ebook.

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And if all of this sounds like way too much work and you would like a detailed description of any city done for you with top of the line Astrology software, all 12 house lines (not just AC, DC, IC, and MC) as well as parans and Ceres please check out my locational astrology reading!


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