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Understanding the Significance of Applying and Separating Aspects in Astrology

What Does Separating and Applying Mean In Astrology?

In astrology, “applying” and “separating” refer to the movement of planets and how their aspects influence individuals. Applying aspects are those that are getting closer to being exact, while separating aspects are moving away from exactness.

These aspects can greatly impact the energy and effects of planetary interactions in a natal chart or during transits. When these terms are used, they describe the relationship between two planets and the aspect they form. Applying aspects are considered to have a stronger influence as they are building towards exactness, while separating aspects indicate a decrease in intensity as the planets move farther apart.

What Does Separating Mean In Astrology?

In astrology, a separating aspect is when two planets are moving away from each other in terms of their position in the zodiac. This indicates that the energy and influence of the aspect are diminishing as the planets drift apart.

Separating aspects are considered to have a weaker impact compared to applying aspects. When a separating aspect occurs in a natal chart or during a transit, it signifies that the influence of the planetary interaction is waning or leaving your life. Individuals may feel a sense of completion or closure associated with the energies represented by the planets involved.

If Venus is separating from a trine aspect with Jupiter; this suggests that the enjoyable harmonious energy between Venus and Jupiter is beginning to fade.

What Does Applying Mean In Astrology?

In astrology, an applying aspect is when two planets are moving closer to each other in the zodiac and are about to form an exact aspect. This indicates that the energy and influence of the aspect are increasing as the planets approach alignment.

Applying aspects are considered to have a stronger impact on one’s life compared to separating aspects. When an applying aspect occurs, it signifies that the influence of the planetary interaction is gaining strength and intensity. Individuals may experience a build-up of energies associated with the planets involved, leading to significant developments and opportunities.

If Mars is applying to a conjunction with the Moon in a birth chart, it could indicate upcoming assertive and emotional energies that are building towards a peak expression.

How To Know If An Aspect Is Applying or Separating?

To determine whether an aspect is applying or separating in astrology, you need to consider the degrees between the two planets involved. An applying aspect occurs when the faster-moving planet is approaching the slower-moving planet and is within a specific orb of influence. Conversely, a separating aspect happens when the faster planet has already passed the slower planet and is moving away.

If the faster planet is in retrograde it will be separating as the planet is moving away from the other one at this time. Also If the slower planet is in retrograde while the faster planet approaches the impact of the applying energy will be much more powerful and out of the blue.

Applying and Separating Aspects In A Natal Chart

In a natal chart, applying aspects signify energies that the soul is focusing on and allowing more of into it’s life’s journey. The individual may notice unconsciously that they tend to chase these energies. Manifesting effects into their personality and experiences. This can be good or bad depending on the type of aspect.

Separating aspects can highlight potential opportunities, challenges, and developments that are in the process of being old news. On the one hand, separating aspects in a natal chart represent energies that have already manifested and are beginning to diminish in impact. On the other individuals are competent and capable of handling these energies. 

Separating And Applying Aspects in Synastry

In synastry separating and applying aspects between two individuals’ charts play a significant role in understanding the dynamics of their connection.

Applying aspects indicate energies that are actively influencing the relationship and are on the rise, fostering growth and development between partners. The relationship will try to bring more of these energies in.

Conversely, separating aspects in synastry suggest energies that have already been experienced between individuals and are now diminishing in influence. They are energies that the relationship tries to let go of.

These aspects can help partners gain insights into past challenges and successes in their relationship, guiding them towards greater harmony and understanding.

Applying and Separating Aspects During A Transit

During a transit, aspects will apply and then separate between the transiting planets and natal planets or points. These different phases can have a significant impact on an individual’s life and their experiences. Understanding these phases of aspects is crucial for predicting potential events and challenges that may occur during the transiting period.

The Applying Portion of the Transit

When a transiting planet is in its applying phase, the energy of the transiting planet are building up and exerting more and more of their power upon the natal chart. This period is marked by intensified activities, developments, and opportunities that emerge in line with the themes of the aspect.

As the transit planet approach an exact aspect with natal points the power will be at its maximum. During the applying portion of the transit, individuals may feel a sense of anticipation and heightened energy as they unconsciously prepare for the forthcoming changes and transformations indicated by the planetary alignment.

The Separating Portion of the Transit

After the exact aspect the transit enters its separating phase. Now the energies of the transiting planets begin to wane, signaling the conclusion or resolution of the influences experienced during the transit. Individuals may reflect on the events and experiences that have unfolded, integrating the lessons learned into their personal growth and development.

The separating portion of the transit allows individuals to assimilate the energies and insights gained during the transit period, preparing them for new cycles, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead in their astrological journey. 


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