How To Use Astrology To Make Money

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Attracting Wealth Using Astrological Transits

It’s important to keep an eye on your horoscope and pay attention to transits as they offer opportunities to improve your financial status. Venus and Jupiter are the most common transits that occur in a persons life. 

Jupiter Transits

Jupiter is often associated with good fortune and wealth in astrology. When Jupiter transits certain houses in your birth chart, it can indicate a year long period of financial success and prosperity. Here are some transits you should watch for as they will be perfect times to improve your financial situation.

Jupiter Conjunct/Trine Your second house Ruler – In this period Jupiter will be sending it’s expansive support to your 2nd house ruler. When this occurs you will find yourself easier able to acquire money and build up personal resources as Jupiter empowers your house of possession. These are the times when your paycheck goes a bit further and comes in a bit higher. 

If Jupiter is your second house ruler, then whenever it passes your 8th or 11th house rulers it will be times of good financial gain, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, investment, and project management.

Jupiter Conjunct MC – In these periods it’s the perfect time to look to improving your career. Jupiter tends to place people in higher more prestigious roles. With transiting Jupiter expanding your house of career it’s the perfect time to seek higher paying jobs and promotions. Work hard, be savvy and keep an eye out for promotion opportunities.

Jupiter Conjunct and within 8th house – These periods of time are best for investing heavily. Oftentimes home evaluations and mutual funds will go through the roof. Sources of income that generate passively will increase in worth.

Venus Transits

In this case Venus transits are like a mini version of your Jupiter transits and last for about a month instead of a year. All of the above are also in effect. You will find luck and financial growth whenever Venus transits your second house ruler, the 2nd house itself, MC, 8th house cusp/ruler.

In addition because Venus is the planet of luck, you might find a good prize if you gamble during the period when a transiting Venus is in your 5th house. Remember common sense when it comes to this risky money earning behavior.

Pluto/Uranus Conjunctions and Trines

Pluto and Uranus interactions are very rare and may not happen for everyone in their lifetime. However, when they do, there may be a chance for major financial gain. They tend to be a slot-machine jackpot type interaction. This is where you’ll find lottery winners, massive inheritances, and commoners marrying into royalty. 

Where the aspect is taking place is also very important. 2nd house and 8th house are extremely good for money from others. 5th house is a huge lottery/gamble win, especially if Jupiter or Venus is also involved. It can also indicate a time when creativity can massively pay off. Buy a few extra tickets or book a flight down to Vegas for this aspect. If it’s in the 9th house it’s very likely you’ll stumble across some life changing information that may be used for money or fame. And 10th usually has a very extreme rise to prominence within your industry or fame. 7th house it usually involves marriage and finding a rich spouse, so double check your social connections and get dating.

Using the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Natal Chart To Make Money

Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer. -JP Morgan

Transits happen once in a while and do give you a quick boost. But if you really want to use your chart to it’s full advantage full-time you need to look into the money pathways within your chart. Everyone has them, and anyone can benefit from activating them.

 The Cosmic Currency Blueprint is a simple guidebook that will show you how to use your astrological chart to make money doing what you love. This step-by-step guidebook will unlock the secret money pathways in your chart, allowing you to tap into your unique strengths and talents to attract financial abundance into your life.

By following the Cosmic Currency Blueprint, you will learn how to align your work, hobbies, and career with your personal zodiac energy. All allowing you to generate and attract wealth and success effortlessly. If you’re just starting out on your astrological journey, this guide will help you harness the planetary power to begin achieving your financial dreams.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures in your astrological chart with the Cosmic Currency Blueprint. Check out the PDF Guidebook below: 

Making Money By Selling Astrology Services

If you are passionate about astrology and looking to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Selling astrology services can be a lucrative gig if you know how to capitalize on your knowledge and skills.

Sharpen Your Skills

It takes more than just understanding the basics of planets and houses in astrology. You’ll need to understand how the planets such as Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn can impact someone’s life. When the interconnections are understood you can offer valuable insights to clients seeking guidance. Once you have a high enough skill at reading various charts you’ll be able to confidently offer your services.

The more astrology fields you can properly provide readings for the better off you’ll be. Growing fields include Love Astrology, Financial Astrology (Reading Natal Charts), Medical Astrology/Zodiacal Releasing, Horary Astrology and Electional Astrology. You can also work to teach astrology and find fulfillment.

Generating Clientele

One of the most difficult parts of starting a side-hustle is generating enough leads to give you a chance. In this day and age Tiktok and Instagram are your best choice. Start by sharing your astrological wisdom through reels. A compelling headline and a warm personality is enough to start attracting customers through your bio. This is where hustle comes in, as the social media platform learns you may get only a few views, but it will quickly snowball once you find your audience. Treat these reels like a part-time newsletter, giving charitable astrological information to your network in exchange for expanding reach and leads.

Gaining Consistency and a Full-Time Income

One of the best ways to get more clients is through referrals. If you provide a valuable service that impacts others they will tell their friends and soon you’ll find your clients are searching for you rather than the other way around. It’s important at this point to properly balance value with cost and ensure that you are able to maintain your level of service despite your fully booked status.

It’s also important to maintain an email list. Especially if you intend to create courses or write books. As your customers may be willing to buy other services or learn from you.


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