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The Best Astrocartography Lines to Make Money

Are you looking for the best places to live, travel, or even make money? Look no further than astrocartography. Astrocartography, also known as locational astrology, is a fascinating field that can provide valuable insights into the influence of different geographic locations on our lives. By understanding the planetary lines that run through specific areas, you can identify the best places for various aspects of your life, including making money.

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a specialized branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of planetary lines at different locations. It combines the principles of astrology with maps of the world to help individuals understand how their birth chart interacts with specific areas on Earth. By examining these astrocartography maps, astrologers can provide guidance on the best places to live, work, and pursue personal growth.

Understanding astrology and locational astrology

Astrology is an ancient practice that involves examining the positions and movements of celestial bodies to gain insight into human behavior and events. Locational astrology, on the other hand, focuses on how different geographical locations can influence an individual’s life experiences. By combining astrology with the specific coordinates of a place, astrocartography provides a unique perspective on how different areas can support or challenge various aspects of your life.

How does an astrocartography map work?

An astrocartography map is a visual representation of your natal chart overlaid on a map of the world. It shows the lines where specific planets intersect with the Earth’s surface, highlighting areas of potential influence. These lines are referred to as planetary lines. There are multiple lines for each planet. Each of these lines impacts a different area of your life. For example, the MC (Midheaven) line affects your career. When you consult an astrocartography map, you can identify the locations that align with your personal planets and assess their potential impact on your life.

Using your natal chart for astrocartography

Your natal chart, also known as a birth chart, is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth. It depicts the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies in relation to the Earth. When you consult an astrocartography map, you can compare the lines on the map with your natal chart to identify the areas that align with significant planets or angles in your birth chart. These areas may have particular significance or offer unique opportunities for you depending on house rulership.

Finding the Best Places to Travel or Relocate That Impact Finances

If you are seeking new experiences and adventure, exploring the astrocartography map can help you find the best places to travel or relocate. Different planets and lines on the map indicate areas that may resonate with specific aspects of your life. Here are a few examples:

Exploring the Jupiter MC Line

Jupiter, known as the planet of expansion and abundance, can indicate locations where you may have opportunities for personal growth, success, and financial prosperity. If the Jupiter MC line runs through a particular place, it suggests that this area may be conducive to achieving your goals and aspirations.

This particular line will expand your career and give you opportunities to raise the ranks through power structures. It’s extremely useful if you are looking for management and ownership opportunities. Jupiter also governs scholars and the legal profession. Meaning Lawyers, judges, and educator roles are empowered.

Discovering the Venus MC Line

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, represents areas that may offer a fulfilling lifestyle, strong relationships, and creative inspiration. If the Venus MC line intersects with a location, it suggests that this place may provide opportunities for experiencing joy, love, and artistic expression.

But this joy and luck specifically impacts your career. You will have a better paying job and more opportunities to live an opulent lifestyle here.

Unlocking the Mercury MC Line

Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce and intellectual pursuits, represents areas where you may find success in fields such as writing, teaching, or public speaking. If the Mercury MC line runs through a particular location, it suggests that this place may offer favorable conditions for communication and intellectual engagement.

On this line you will find your ability to build a career out of ideas and communication receives celestial boons. It is extremely beneficial if you are looking to make money through writing, sales and persuasion in general. You may also find that trips to tradeshows in these areas will overdeliver in connections for business.

Finding the Best Places to Make Money

If you are looking to capitalize on your financial potential, astrocartography can help you identify the best places to make money. By examining the rulers of your 2nd house and 10th house in your natal chart, you can gain insight into the areas that may support your financial success.

Exploring the Ruler of Your 2nd House MC Line

The 2nd house in your natal chart governs your personal finances and earning potential. The ruler of your 2nd house is a strong planetary influence in your chart. Locating the MC line associated with that planet can guide you towards areas where you may have the potential to earn well and accumulate wealth. This is because the MC line is focused on your career, however all four lines will increase that planet’s power.

It doesn’t matter if the line is a Mars, Saturn, or Pluto line the power will still flow through your chart in that location.

Discovering the Ruler of Your 10th House MC Line

The 10th house in your natal chart represents your career and professional aspirations. By exploring the MC line associated with the ruler of your 10th house, you can identify locations that may offer lucrative opportunities or support your chosen career path. This is a doubly impactful line for people looking to become industry leaders or celebrities.

Places that Fall on Your Venus and Jupiter IC Lines Also Grow Resources

Traditionally the IC covers your home life and your mount (used to be horses but now covers personal vehicles). However, when Venus or Jupiter are involved your homes become blessed. You can expect nice cars and a fancy house on both lines. On Venus lines you can expect it to be flashy. On Jupiter lines you can expect it to be massive. How these properties and resources come into your life depends on your personal path. But, often it comes through employment and compensation. Thus these two IC lines are also quite powerful despite focusing on your home and family.

Using Astrocartography Chart to Identify Profitable Locations

An astrocartography chart can help you identify specific areas that align with your financial goals. By evaluating the planetary lines and their intersections with your natal chart, you can discover locations that are conducive to wealth creation, investment opportunities, or business growth. These insights can guide your decisions on where to work or invest, maximizing your chances of financial success.

Using Astrocartography for Personal Growth and Relationships

Astrocartography is not just about finding the best places to make money; it can also support your personal growth and relationships. Certain planetary lines can enhance qualities such as love, communication, and self-expression.

Navigating Relationships with the Venus IC Line

The Venus IC line represents areas where you may experience deep emotional connections and harmonious relationships. If your Venus IC line intersects with a particular location, it suggests that this place may offer a supportive environment for cultivating meaningful partnerships and romantic connections.

Enhancing Communication with the Mercury MC Line

The Mercury MC line represents areas where you may excel in communication, networking, and intellectual pursuits. If the Mercury MC line aligns with a specific location, it suggests that this place may offer favorable conditions for effective communication. This enhances your ability to connect with others and share ideas.

Embracing Self-Expression with the Sun Line

The Sun represents our core identity and self-expression. If the Sun line runs through a particular location, it suggests that this area may provide opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery, and creative expression. It can be a place where you can shine and live your best life.

How to Book an Astrocartography Reading

If you are interested in exploring astrocartography further, booking a reading with an experienced astrologer is recommended.

Choosing the Right Astrologer

When selecting an astrologer, it is important to find someone who has expertise in astrocartography and can provide accurate interpretations of your birth chart. Look for qualified professionals with a good reputation and positive client reviews.

Preparing Your Birth Chart

Prior to your astrocartography reading, you will need to provide your birth information, including the date, time, and place of your birth. This information is crucial for generating your natal chart and overlaying it with the astrocartography map.

Understanding the Recommendations

During the astrocartography reading, the astrologer will analyze the planetary lines on the map and their interactions with your birth chart. They will provide recommendations and insights into the best places for various aspects of your life, including making money. It is important to keep an open mind and ask questions if you need further clarification.


Q: What is a jupiter line in astrocartography?

A: A Jupiter line in astrocartography represents a location where the influence of the planet Jupiter is particularly strong, potentially bringing opportunities for growth, expansion, and prosperity.

Q: How can I find my astrocartography Jupiter line?

A: To find your astrocartography jupiter line, you can consult with an astrologer who specializes in astrocartography or use an astrocartography chart calculator online.

Q: What is the significance of a venus line in astrocartography?

A: A Venus line in astrocartography indicates a location where the energies of the planet Venus are emphasized, potentially bringing love, luck, beauty, and harmonious relationships.

Q: What is a neptune line in astrocartography?

A: A Neptune line in astrocartography represents a location where the energies of the planet Neptune are prominent, which can be associated with spirituality, creativity, and imagination.

Q: How can astrocartography help me find love?

A: Astrocartography can help you find love by identifying locations that may be more favorable for romantic relationships or where you may have better luck in meeting a partner.

Q: Can astrocartography help with determining the best places to live or travel?

A: Yes, astrocartography can provide insight into the influence of planetary energies on different locations. These help you make informed decisions about where to live or travel based on your personal goals and desires.

Q: What is the difference between astrocartography and relocation astrology?

A: Astrocartography focuses on mapping planetary energies on a global scale and the four angular lines for each planet. Relocation astrology is concerned with the overall astrological influences specific to an individual’s move or relocation to a different location.


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